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University Students in Winona Area Consider Passenger Rail a Critical Resource

The Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission and the Minnesota Department of Transportation teamed up to survey college students from three River Route universities and colleges about their usage of passenger rail. More than 650 students attending Minnesota State College – Southeast, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and Winona State University were surveyed and the results show a desire for more passenger rail options in the region.

Train travel is a great transportation alternative for college students. Many surveyed students said they use passenger rail because they don’t have a car on campus, while others said it was convenient and comfortable compared to driving or flying. Family and friends have also utilized passenger rail to visit their college students at Winona-area institutions of higher education.

Key results include:

MIPRC Chair Tim Hoeffner says “the supplemental survey results add to the evidence that there is strong support – and an untapped passenger base – for passenger rail in the Midwest. We hope these results add momentum to the push for a second daily Twin Cities-Chicago train and other regional services.”

Spokespersons from the schools said that more than 27 percent of students who use train service in Winona have done so at least five to nine times a year. They also said that it is important to look to the future of train service for all students at higher education students in Winona. Students and administration alike view increased passenger rail service in the area to be a positive factor for higher education institutions in the future.

For more information on the survey visit MnDOT

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This article was adapted from a news release from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

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