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Ride Amtrak Borealis Trains

Borealis provides comfortable, affordable travel to great destinations! Named for travel to and from “the north” (in Latin), Amtrak Borealis trains provide a second daily round trip Amtrak service between Saint Paul and Chicago, via Milwaukee. Travelers enjoy a more comfortable and productive choice than driving. Amtrak Borealis trains run on a schedule that complements the Amtrak Empire Builder train service.

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What to Expect Onboard

The Amtrak Borealis trains offer a host of amenities to make your travel convenient, fun, and comfortable:

Café car featuring regional items

Wide reclining seats with ample legroom

Pet friendly

Pets are allowed on trips less than 700 miles. They must be small enough to fit in a carrier beneath the seat.

Views of the Mississippi River between Saint Paul, MN and La Crosse, WI

Free Wi-Fi onboard

No middle seats

Business Class seating available


The Amtrak Borealis train will run through some of the most beautiful stretches of scenery in the country. Service includes a stop at the revitalized, historic Union Depot in Saint Paul and travels through picturesque river towns in Minnesota on its way to major destinations such as Wisconsin Dells, Milwaukee and Chicago.

Map of phase 2 route


Amtrak Borealis trains complement Amtrak's Empire Builder train service and add additional stops in Sturtevant and the Milwaukee airport in Wisconsin. Amtrak Borealis trains double the opportunity for passenger rail transportation between the Twin Cities and Chicago, while affording another safe, reliable, relaxing, economical, climate friendly alternative to driving or flying.



Amtrak Borealis coach fares start at $41 each way between Saint Paul and Chicago for adults, with everyday discounts for children ages 2-12, students, seniors, veterans, military personnel and families, groups, and others. Upgrades to Business Class are available.


What is the Amtrak Borealis train?

The Amtrak Borealis train is a daily round-trip Amtrak service between Saint Paul and Chicago, via Milwaukee, and provides travelers a more comfortable and productive choice than driving. The service schedule is complementary to the Amtrak Empire Builder schedule.


Why is it named Borealis

The Amtrak Borealis train is named for travel to and from the north (Borealis is Latin).


What amenities are on Borealis trains? 

The Amtrak Borealis trains offer a host of amenities to make your travel convenient, fun, and comfortable:

  • Café car featuring regional items

  • Pet friendly 

  • Free Wi-Fi onboard

  • Wide reclining seats with ample legroom

  • No middle seats


How do I buy tickets?

Visit to purchase tickets and learn more about the service.

What will the trains look like?

Each Amtrak Borealis train consists of four single level Horizon Coaches, a Business Class/Café car and a Locomotive. The coaches have 70 reclining seats with drop-down tray tables, electrical outlets, overhead reading lights and two restrooms. 


The Business Class/Café car has an Amtrak attendant who sells a variety of pre-packaged snacks, sandwiches, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and beers – including some regional food and beverages. The Business class section offers 17 wider-spaced seats in a “1-2” layout at extra charge. Business class passengers receive a complimentary beverage. 


The locomotive is a refurbished P42 purchased from GE between 1998-2002. It provides 4,250-horse-power of tractive power and electricity for on-board services like lighting, heating, and water pressure. 


Can I bring my pet on Borealis trains?

Amtrak allows you to bring your small dog or cat along for a small fee. Dogs and cats up to 20 pounds (combined weight of pet and carrier) are welcome on trips up to seven hours on most routes (some restrictions apply). Only dogs and cats are allowed to travel as pets.

Amtrak pet policy and ticketing


Can I bring my bicycle on Borealis trains?

Unfortunately, not at this time. The passenger cars on Amtrak Borealis are Horizon class vehicles that were in service in other parts of the country and have been refurbished. These vehicles do not have space built in for bicycles. The states and Amtrak recognize that this amenity is very important to passengers. Every attempt will be made to accommodate bicycles on Borealis trains in the future.


When does the train stop near me?

Amtrak Borealis trains make once daily stops each way. See the table below for information for your city.

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