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The Great River Rail Commission is very disappointed that the Minnesota Legislature could not agree to a bonding bill in its second special session that would provide $10 million in funding for the TCMC Second Train. 


The Second Train would benefit the state and region by creating jobs, boosting tourism and supporting Minnesota businesses. Other partners have done their part: Wisconsin has committed $6.2 million, and Amtrak has committed $5 million for capital improvements. Minnesota's $10 million commitment would leverage $40 million in federal funding for track and safety improvements in Minnesota that would benefit passenger and freight rail.  


We encourage legislators to meet again to pass a bill and join more than 50 cities, counties, businesses, universities and Canadian Pacific Railway in support of the TCMC Second Train. 

More Reasons to Support the Second Train

A second round-trip Amtrak passenger train between the Twin Cities and Chicago would boost the economy in a number of beneficial ways:

  • Create engineering and construction jobs to design and build $30 million in track and signal improvements around Winona and La Crescent

  • Support Minnesota businesses (as an example, Amtrak spent $60 million in goods and services in Minnesota in 2016)

  • Support tourism spending in Minnesota – 46% of all Amtrak riders are tourists

  • Connect Minnesota colleges and universities to prospective students in Wisconsin and Illinois

  • Improve safety and efficiency for freight, automobile and pedestrian movement along the tracks

  • Provide a comfortable, productive alternative mode of transportation for business travelers


Some of us can be a bit apprehensive about contacting our legislators. Don’t worry! Legislators want to hear from their constituents. Click here for tips.

Need more information about the second train and it's benefits? Click the image to the right for the Legislative Request packet. 

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