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Twin Cities Virtual Town Forum shows the benefits of the TCMC Second Train

On Thursday, April 22, more than 35 attendees took part in the virtual town forum “TCMC Second Train - What’s in it for the Twin Cities” hosted by the Great River Rail Commission along with the Minneapolis and Dakota County Regional Chambers of Commerce.

Twin Cities Town Forum Participants

Attendees celebrated Earth Day by learning more information about the benefits of a second daily round trip train between the Twin Cities and Chicago.


“For us it’s all about the economic competitiveness of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul region in the future,” Minneapolis Regional Chamber President and CEO Jonathan Weinhagen said of the project. “We tell people at the legislature everyday that a strong Minneapolis/Saint Paul means a strong greater Minnesota, and a strong greater Minnesota means a strong Minneapolis/Saint Paul and what better way to strengthen communities than to connect them.”


Participants heard from local elected officials, Great River Rail Commission members and staff, passenger rail advocates, and MnDOT representatives about the TCMC Second Train and its benefits for the Twin Cities. Community members were able to submit questions before and during the event and participated in two short polls about passenger rail and the TCMC Second Train project.  


“We know that cities in Dakota County might not be directly impacted by the Second Train, but they will be indirectly impacted,” said Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce President Maureen Scallen Failor. “What this second train does is it helps increase and benefit our hospitality and business community.”


Attendees included local elected officials, rail advocates, business and chambers of commerce representatives, environmental groups, and more. Questions touched on a variety of issues and participants were passionate about transportation options and transportation equity for people traveling to or from the Twin Cities.

Click here to download the presentation slide deck.

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