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What makes a good letter to the editor?

Newspapers love to hear from readers who want to share their opinions. It helps communities know what is happening, raises awareness of issues, and your local legislator often reads the paper.


  • The most effective letters have writers speaking from their personal experience - relate a story of why the TCMC Second Train is important to you. How would you use it? Do you have customers that might take a train to your business?

  • Take a look at our website. Some of the benefits of passenger rail we mention might be important to you.

  • Note that the Great River Rail Commission is supporting funding for the TCMC Second Train so that track and station improvements can be made.



  • Check with your local publication for any rules and when and how to send a letter to the editor.

  • Typically, letters should be brief, up to 250 words. 

  • Address them: To the editor:

  • Include the writer's name, address, occupation and telephone numbers (work and home). 

  • For Star Tribune, or other larger circulation newspapers, all submissions must be exclusive in Minnesota.


Need more information?

  • Check out our Fact Packet and borrow some arguments to include in your letter.


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