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Many of us are excited about expanding passenger rail service between the Twin Cities and Chicago, but it won’t happen unless legislators hear from their constituents – through phone calls, emails, letters to the editor, on social media, in-person, etc.


In 2023, the Great River Rail Commission is seeking funding from the Minnesota Legislature for operations costs and additional capital funds to address inflation.


Your involvement is vital for the TCMC Second Train to begin operation this year. We ask that you support the Second Train in as many of these ways as possible.


Visit the Take Action 2023 page now.

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Have you experienced passenger rail firsthand? Get more info from Great River Rail via our website, follow us on social media, and tell others about your interest in passenger rail. Follow Amtrak on social media or book a trip at their website

​The Empire Builder is the only Amtrak route running through Minnesota. It’s a long distance passenger rail service running from Seattle, WA to Chicago, IL. The train has magnificent views of the Pacific Northwest, the Rocky Mountains, the northern Great Plains, and the Mississippi River, and features incredible destinations including Seattle, Portland, Glacier National Park, the Twin Cities, Wisconsin Dells, Milwaukee and Chicago. Riding the train is a great way to get to major destinations, in addition to charming small towns in between. We have tips for riding the Empire Builder!

Join Passenger Rail Advocacy Groups

Those that enjoy passenger rail are a passionate bunch. If you love trains, be a part of the crowd! Consider joining one of these groups to learn more about train travel and advocate for its expansion.

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