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Amtrak releases plan to restore long-distance services

International Railway Journal - August 18, 2020

Amtrak has confirmed that the return to daily services along its routes will be determined by three metrics, with assessments according to these benchmarks scheduled to begin from February 15 2021:

  • Public Health – Covid-19-related hospitalisation rates in areas served by the long-distance trains must appear stable or declining

  • Future Demand – the number of available seat and room-miles booked in February for operating services in June 2021 must be comparable with at least 90% of tickets booked for those services in June 2020, taking account of the currently reduced timetable, and

  • Current Performance – projected network ridership for autumn 2021 must be at least 90% of figures estimated in Amtrak’s 2021 financial year operating plan.

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