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Saint Paul Park, Minnesota

Population: 5,324

Nickname: The Original Grove

Motto: On the Mississippi

St. Paul Park is located just five miles downstream from St. Paul which gives a great small town feel to a town just a few miles away from the state capital. It is a fast growing community with a rich heritage.

The annual Heritage Days Festival is held in August and is home to tons of activities for the whole community including a mud volleyball tournament, car show, and of course a large parade. The festival sees more than 10,000 visitors to the area.

A major St. Paul Park business is the large refinery owned by Western Refining that produces more than 80,000 barrels per day, processing crude oil into higher value refined products.

St. Paul Park was founded and incorporated as a village in Newport Township in 1887 and early settlers as a small farming community. Several manufacturing factories opened in the community and railroad tracks provided a connection to other markets. The village of St. Paul Park incorporated in 1909 with a population of 1,200 and more companies continued to set up in the area including a baby carriage factory, mattress factories and mills. With so many factories in town, a worker shortage developed and workers were brought in by a special commuter train called "The Burlington Motor" that transported commuters from St. Paul.


Famous Residents of St. Paul Park include:

  • Dallas Holm - Singer Songwriter

  • Dale Arnold - Radio Personality



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