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Winona County, Minnesota

Population: 50,885

Area: 642 square miles

Named for: Winona, a female cousin of Chief Wabasha according to Dakota legend

Cities included: Altura, Dakota, Elba, Goodview, La Crescent, Lewiston, Minneiska, Minnesota City, Rollingstone, St. Charles, Stockton, Utica, and Winona

County seat: Winona

Largest city: Winona

Winona is named for a Dakota legend known as the Winona legend. It is about a woman who did not want to marry a warrior to whom she was betrothed so she leapt to her death from a rock now called maiden's rock - on Lake Pepin.

Winona County is home to several historic sites including Sugar Loaf Bluff in Winona, Trinity Episcopal Church in St. Charles and Pickwick Mill. Much of downtown Winona is also featured on the register of historic places including the library, city hall, and the junior and senior high schools.


The county is home to three county parks and three state parks as well as several other trails and scenic destinations. The state parks are Great River Bluffs, John A. Latsch and Whitewater and are all known for their great outdoor activities and beautiful surroundings.

In addition to spectacular natural beauty among the streams, rivers, the Mississippi, and the surrounding bluffs and forests, Winona County is a draw for cultural activities. The city of Winona is home to arts and theater at colleges and through the community. It features music, arts and theater festivals throughout the year, especially during the summer months.


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