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Laurel Stinson


How long have you been in public service?

I joined the Red Wing City Council in 2019. This is my first position as an elected official though I had previously worked for the City of Red Wing as an employee of the Sheldon Theater.

Why did you choose to be in public service?

I felt a calling to represent the residents of my community and do my best to improve their lives as much as possible through policy and government. I believe that all organizations benefit by having creative thinkers get more involved. I contribute my dedication to arts and culture and our creative economy.

What is your favorite thing about your city, county or area?

I love the natural beauty of this area and the hopeful spirit of the community. Red Wing is always working to improve for our residents.

What is your city or area most known for? What is unique, or special about it?

Red Wing is known for our historic downtown, our riverfront and parks, and our arts and cultural attractions. Most people know us as the home of Red Wing Shoes

How do people in your community feel a Second Train could benefit them? Or, How do you feel that your community could benefit from a Second Train?

Red Wing is a stop for the proposed TCMC Second Train, and it will have tremendous benefits for us and the surrounding communities. Improvements to the line will mean increased reliability for both the timeliness of passenger trains and the freight trains that local businesses rely on. It creates opportunities for business professionals to commute to appointments in the Twin Cities, Winona, and Chicago while using their time on the train to work. It creates opportunities for students to travel between home and college campuses. It creates opportunities for tourism for our residents to visit other communities and for more people to experience Red Wing. It will particularly benefit our residents who do not drive because of disabilities or because they do not have access to a reliable vehicle.

Why are you interested in expanding passenger rail in Minnesota? Or, What is your long-term vision for passenger rail in Minnesota?

I would like to see passenger rail expand in Minnesota to connect Red Wing to communities all across the state. Passenger rail benefits business growth, it benefits tourism growth, and it makes our state more accessible for all Minnesotans.

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