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Amendments Approved – Second Train Launch Date Closer

The Second Train moved one step closer to becoming a reality on March 19 with approval of

agreements between Ramsey County and Amtrak. During its regular meeting, the Ramsey

County Regional Railroad Authority (RCRRA) voted unanimously to approve amendments to

the operating and lease agreements with Amtrak that will allow the Twin Cities-Milwaukee-

Chicago Second Train to serve Union Depot in Saint Paul.

The amended agreements provide for the overnight storage of one train at Union Depot, use of an expanded area of the terminal tracks, and use of ancillary space and services with expanded use of Union Depot. While Amtrak passenger train service is still the priority, the amended agreements allow for easier access by special trains and other non-Amtrak service.

Approval of these amended agreements between the RCRRA and Amtrak is an important step toward implementation of the additional round-trip service between Saint Paul and Chicago.

This service expansion involves partnership agreements among the Federal Railroad

Administration, the state departments of transportation, the host railroad, the Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority, and Amtrak. These agreements are in progress and finalization was dependent on completion of the agreements between the RCRRA and Amtrak.

A service announcement is expected this spring. The schedules, fares, start date and official

name of the train service will be jointly announced when all the agreements have been finalized between the parties.


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